Today we share two real cases of air conditioning installation in Orihuela Costa. In the competitive business world, maintaining a comfortable environment is essential for the well-being of employees and customers. Our company had the privilege of optimizing the comfort for a real estate agency and a restaurant. Below, we detail the air conditioning installation process and the specific solutions implemented for each of these businesses.

Air Conditioning Installation in a Real Estate Agency

Specific Needs of the Real Estate Agency

The real estate agency offices are located in a central area of Orihuela Costa, with a constant flow of clients and employees. It was crucial to have an efficient air conditioning system to ensure a comfortable environment throughout the year.

Real estate staff enjoying an air conditioning installation in their offices, ready to face the summer with comfort and efficiency.
Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is a critical step to ensure a proper installation. This process included:

  1. Space Review: We inspected every area of the real estate agency, including the reception, individual offices, meeting rooms, and common areas. We measured the size of each room to determine the necessary cooling capacity.
  2. Identification of Critical Areas: We identified zones with high foot traffic, such as the reception area and waiting areas, where rapid and efficient conditioning is necessary.
  3. Analysis of Electronic Equipment: We considered the presence of electronic devices that generate additional heat, such as computers and servers, and evaluated how these affect the thermal load of the offices.
Implemented Solution

To meet the real estate agency’s needs, we installed a ducted air conditioning system that provides the required airflow in each room, ensuring optimized coverage throughout all areas.

  1. Ducted Distribution in Common Areas: In the reception area and waiting areas, we distribute air through branch ducts connected to a main duct, ensuring adequate cooling capacity for areas with high foot traffic.
  2. Ducted Distribution in Individual Areas: For the private offices and individual rooms, we also utilized individual ducts connected to a main duct. A suitable system for smaller spaces with fewer people present.
  3. Autonomous and Smart Thermostats: For common areas and individual zones, we implemented control systems using autonomous and intelligent thermostats from AirZone. These systems efficiently manage temperatures by adjusting power automatically based on occupancy and usage of each space.
Results Achieved

Air Conditioning Installation in a Restaurant

Specific Needs of the Restaurant

The restaurant, located on a busy avenue in Orihuela Costa, needed an air conditioning system that not only kept customers comfortable

Restaurant staff where an air conditioning installation has been carried out.
Initial Assessment

The initial assessment at the restaurant was essential for designing an effective solution. This process included:

  1. Space Review: We inspected the main dining area and the most frequently used and crowded transit areas. We measured each space to determine the necessary cooling capacity and ensure uniform air distribution.
  2. Identification of Critical Areas: The areas near the restaurant entrances and exits required special attention due to external weather conditions. We also considered high-traffic customer areas, such as the entrance and the main dining area.
  3. Workflow Analysis: We evaluated how the staff moves in the different areas of the restaurant and service zones to ensure that the air conditioning system does not interfere with daily operations and maximizes comfort in critical areas.
Implemented Solution

For the restaurant, we installed a ducted air conditioning system with multiple branch ducts connected to a main duct.

  1. High-Power Systems in the Main Dining Area: We installed high-capacity units in the main dining area to ensure efficient temperature control during peak hours. These units have the capability to quickly adjust temperature via AirZone thermostats to maintain a comfortable environment.
  2. High-Power Units in Common Areas: Additionally, we installed high-capacity systems in areas frequently used by customers and employees, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.
  3. Humidity Control Systems: We implemented systems that not only cooled or heated but also controlled humidity, crucial for maintaining air quality in all areas of the restaurant.
Results Achieved
Air Conditioning Duct Distribution Scheme Temperature in each room is automatically regulated via smart thermostats.


These real cases of air conditioning installation in Orihuela Costa, using a powerful conditioning system with ducted air distribution and thermostats that regulate temperature automatically, demonstrate the importance of assessing and meeting the specific needs of each type of business. This approach ensures not only a comfortable environment for employees and customers but also improves operational efficiency and reduces energy costs. In both the real estate agency and the restaurant, the proper selection of equipment and strategic planning were key to achieving optimal results.

If you need air conditioning installation for your business, feel free to contact us. Our experience and professionalism guarantee efficient and customized solutions for any type of establishment.

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